Provincial land use and forest management planning processes are required to provide opportunities for the public to engage in the stewardship of the Crown forest lands. Important components of the Independent Forest Audit (IFA) include the determination of whether or not forest management plans were prepared in an open consultative manner and if opportunities were provided for on-going public participation in the forest management planning process. The audit is also required to provide an assessment of the overall effectiveness of these consultative processes to determine how public input was addressed and how public concerns and issues were resolved. To complete a survey questionnaire and/or provide comment on the forest management planning process or forest management operations on Forests subject to the IFA, please click on the links below.

Information is collected under the authority of the Crown Forest Sustainability Act. The information will be used solely by the Arbex Audit Team for the purposes of developing an understanding of forest management concerns and issues for the delivery of the Independent Forest Audit. Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act personal information will remain confidential unless prior consent is obtained.