Independent Forest Audits & Forest Stewardship Council Certification Audits

Arbex has provided Independent Forest Audit (IFA) services to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) & Forestry Futures Trust Committee since 1999.  As of 2019, 39 IFAs have been completed on Sustainable Forest Licences and Crown Management Units throughout Ontario.

Arbex also provides forest management certification and chain of custody certification audit services on behalf of the Rainforest Alliance SmartWood Certification Program.  Over twenty-one forest management certification, annual assessments and re-certification audits have been completed in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Forest Management Plans

Arbex Professionals have prepared numerous integrated forest management plans for a variety of clients including Municipal Governments (United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Norfolk County), First Nations, Federal Government Departments (National Defense), private industry and small private woodlot owners.

Natural Resources Inventory and Ecological Inventories

Arbex has extensive forest inventory experience in Ontario, Quebec and overseas.  Ecological and Biophysical Land and Resource Assessments have been completed for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Aboriginal Forestry Services

Arbex has provided professional forest management and GIS consulting services to Aboriginal communities in Ontario and Quebec since 1980.  Services provided include land claim support services, loss of use studies, consultation and negotiation support, forest management planning, land use and occupancy mapping and GIS training and support services

Private Land Forestry Services

Private land forestry services include silvicultural services (e.g. tree planting), forest management and operational plan preparation, woodland valuations and cut trespass and damage appraisals.

Geographic Information Systems Consulting Services

Arbex provides GIS training and support services to numerous First Nations clients.  GIS mapping services include the development of wildlife Habitat Suitability Indices, Traditional land Use and Occupancy Mapping Services, Specific Land Claims Mapping Services, and GIS support services for forest management plan and land and resource use negotiations.